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Curriculum vitae: MEP Esko Seppanen

Vladimir Bukovsky and EU
Deterioration of the Baltic Sea
The use of NHPs in research, 5.2.2009
Gas to Europe, European Voice 29.1.2009
Trading Emissions in Casinos, 18.9.2008
A letter to the Irish Times, 29.5.2008
Summary of Finnish opinion poll on the Lisbon Treaty
How Finland lost its non-alliance, Dublin 24.5.2008
Emission rights securitisation, 22.5.2008
The militarisation of the EU and NATO, 3.4.2008
EU Budget and EU Militarisation, 25.11.2007
Energy market harmonisation, The European Voice 28.6.2007
Leaked German agenda, 25.4.2007
The Finnish Presidency, July 2006
Energy and the Finnish presidency, June 2006
Seppänen Report on Directive 92/3 modifications, 3.2.2006
Militarization and federalisation of the EU, Dublin 28.5.2005
The European Constitution, Dublin 27.1.2005
Rally for a Referendum, London 7.11.2003
The militarisation Articles, GUE/NGL 17.9.2003
The EMU experiences of Finland, speech in Stockholm 30.8.2003
Analysis of the Constitution by Esko Seppänen 13.6.2003
Democracy crisis within the European Convention, GUE/NGL 1.4.2003
The Convention Report, GUE/NGL Group 5.3.2003
Federalisation and militarisation of the EU, Turku 22.2.2003
A brief history of the militarisation of the EU, 12.11.2002
What is democracy, 26.8.2002
Speculative evaluation of the work of the Convention - 5.6.2002
Thoughts on the Left in the 21st century - Oct 20. 1999
What is socialism? - May 1998
Annex to Esko Seppanen's book - Oct 1997
The Seminar about the Alternatives to the Neoliberal Forces 14.6.1997